Saturday, October 18, 2014

Life's Balances

I try to balance work and recovery.
I really do!

I have failed in that I bought scuba gear and did not use them until a year later.

But the sunset that night, surrounded by friends reminds me that my soul requires nourishment and scuba diving brought me such peace that I had forgotten.

And catching a neighborhood festival that evening was only a bonus!

My Gunny

There are many Staff NCOs (non-commissioned officers, high ranking enlisted personnel) who I hold dear to me, who I trust and can speak with honestly and whose opinions and guidance I take seriously.

GySgt Shelton is one of them. She is the career planner and thank God for her.

We joke that they cry in my office and her office. And it is not surprising when, after they have cried, we send the Marine to the other one's office.

I could not be luckier to have a partner like her down the p-way (hallway).

And she's shorter than I am!

I have arrived

I did not tell anyone about how I could not find a parking spot in our parking lot for the longest time. I was not going to complain. So what if I have to walk a little further? Bonus PT!

I came to work one morning and this is what I found.

My silent prayer has been answered.

A Memorial Run for 9/11

I had the great privilege of working with the Camp Foster SMP (Single Marine Program) to create the only 9/11 event to occur on Camp Foster. It was a candle-lit 5k that began with the ceremony that included my invocation.
I am still trying to get pictures which I will post when I get them.

 Source of Strength,

13 years ago, my innocence was shattered with the collapsing of towers and impregnable buildings by acts of terror and hatred.

On a day filled with so much sadness God, I ask of you 1 thing – help me bear my pain.

I lost friends and colleagues and family and I feel guilty for surviving. I feel I am betraying their memories because my scars have begun to fade and I am moving forward.

Help me, dear God, that as the pain becomes a distant memory, that each anniversary, I remember and not let it pass without notice.

Help me to remain always faithful to their memories and live a good life in their honor.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Double Rainbow

Amazing weather this past week.
It was hot, humid, it rained, it shined.
And we got a double rainbow.

Can you see it?

Can't Beat the Heat

It has been a little warm this summer.

And the sunsets have been gorgeous.

Thank you, God, for such beautiful artwork.
Thank goodness I have a camera, so I can capture the images on your ever-changing canvas.


The only consistency in military life is change.

Two of my favorite gunnery sergeants are leaving.

In accordance with military customs and courtesies, they were rendered honor and awarded in front of Alpha company. 

Semper Fidelis, gentlemen. Your presence will be missed.