Monday, July 6, 2015

CO/Chaplain team work - Cookie Drop

How do you show your Marines and Sailors that you care?

Bring them cookies and a birthday card (chaplain) on their birthday and give them a meritorious day off (CO) just because they were born.

That's what this team does to show every Marine that though they do not have blood family on the island, they have family on the island. 

Mission accomplished.

Hong Kong - Part II -Big Buddha and Path of Wisdom

You can not go to Hong Kong and not visit the giant Buddha.
It is hard NOT to be impressed. 

I high-fived Buddha.


And I stood under the tree that Siddhartha sat in order to reach enlightenment. 
Whether this is in fact his tree or not, I felt spiritually moved. 

A request, like leaving a prayer in the Western Wall.

And we walked the path of Wisdom. 
The carvings on the wooden posts are of the Heart Sutra.

 (Kris gaining wisdom.)

Hong Kong - Part I

Since I HAD 4 days off for July 4 th , I Celebrated the Independence of Our great Country by visiting Hong Kong.

I was joined by Kris and Chris (left to right).

We saw the lights of the Causeway Bay from Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade).

Shavuah Tov by the way.

4th of July - Military Style

We celebrated July 4th a week Early at Kadena Air Force Base (KAB). We do that Because these types of fairs / block parties require additional personnel, it's long hours, lots of logistics and cleaning up afterward and so no-one loses their four day weekend to work the block party.

During the fireworks display, they played "I am proud to be an American," and maybe that's a military thing. I do not know. I choke up every time I am surrounded by personnel and their families as they sing along to the song.

Thank you KAB for taking care of all military personnel and their families with a great block party. 

Thank you Gavin Degraw, for putting on a solid 1½ show.

Elizabeth, Ben and I.

Shabbat Hula Dancers

During the summer, we have services on the beach as a change of pace.

Tonight, we were greeted at the beach by a bunch of hula dancers.

They will dance in the Shabbat bride much better than we can. 

Ma'ha'lo ladies!

Fini Flights

Things I have learned about the fini flight.

1) Right before they PCS, pilots take their "fini" (final) flight.  

2) In Ben's Squadron, "The Green Giants" (Air Force Search and Rescue, the 33 RD ), They Will Paint his Feet green and he'll stamp his Feet ONTO A ceiling tile That Will BE Placed back in the ceiling in the office.

3) I should not agree to go on a helicopter without at least three barf bags, Dramamine and should not eat for at least four hours prior to flying. My eyes loved the flight, my stomach did not agree.

Follow the feet to the office front door.

They let me help load the 50 cal.

Gunners at the ready.

I am smiling now. I was not smiling 30 minutes later. It was a 2 hour flight.

Futenma Flight Line Fair

Each camp / station hosts a "county fair" throughout the year. Futenma hosts the Flight Line Fair with a concert, a static display and fireworks. The chaplain's office teamed up with the USO to support all the volunteers with food, drink and a place to rest for a few minutes. We supported over 250 volunteers over the course of the two days. The teamwork between USO and chaplain's office is vital and together, we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own.

Captain Ben Botnick and I standing at his helicopter.

At the Michelle Branch concert with Elizabeth Botnick.