Saturday, August 23, 2014

Double Rainbow

Amazing weather this past week.
It was hot, humid, it rained, it shined.
And we got a double rainbow.

Can you see it?

Can't Beat the Heat

It has been a little warm this summer.

And the sunsets have been gorgeous.

Thank you, God, for such beautiful artwork.
Thank goodness I have a camera, so I can capture the images on your ever-changing canvas.


The only consistency in military life is change.

Two of my favorite gunnery sergeants are leaving.

In accordance with military customs and courtesies, they were rendered honor and awarded in front of Alpha company. 

Semper Fidelis, gentlemen. Your presence will be missed. 

New Member

It was wonderful on Tisha B'Av afternoon, to have services and be able to welcome the newest member of the community by giving her a name - Kalanit Batya Warren.

Brucha Ha'Bah'ah.


I tell my Marines that we need to be good ambassadors with the community outside the gate.

On Sunday, I had 10 Marines volunteer to join the local area clean-up in preparation for a local holiday occurring the next day.

Only Marines would take the instructions so seriously that they went above and beyond!

The best part, was when we were thanked by the sponsors. The whole speech was in Japanese but we all heard "Marine Corps," before bowing to us as a sign of gratitude.   

Tops in Blue

The Air Force has a traveling variety show made up of active duty airmen.
I had the opportunity to see them preform.
The best moment was the end, when they sang Lee Greenwood's "Proud to Be an American."
When they sang, "and I'll proudly stand up ... next to you," the ENTIRE audience stood.
That song always moves me and to stand next to fellow active duty personnel, spouses and children who are serving in their own way... how could I NOT BE MOVED????

It was a very family f

No-one had to tell us to stand. We just knew. Like taking off your hat when you walk indoors or standing at attention when "Colors" is played and not moving until "Carry On" is sounded.

10,000 Eisa Dance Festival

There is a theme song I keep hearing here on Okinawa. A few Sundays ago, down in Naha, I got to watch Eisa dancers, their clown and some dragons. The dancers were all ages and we even saw one group that included some learning disabled children.

She's a vegetable character from a tv show, I think.

 This is me with a "clown."

The Chinese had a major influence on the Okinawa culture, including the dragon.

If you put your head in the dragon's mouth, it is good luck.