Thursday, November 10, 2016

Marine Corps Birthday / Veteran's Day Benediction

Before my Marines secured for the 96, I gave them this benediction:

Source of life,

We stand on the shoulders of giants;

Those who went before us, blazing the trail of honor with their actions.

We see them, wearing their hats from wars before our time.

We forget their valorous actions, we look away, avoiding eye contact.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, may we honor them with our words and 

May praises of thanksgiving for their service flow as easily off our lips as the greeting of the day. 

For one day, Veteran’s Day will be our day and will wish for the same courtesy’s.

May we set the example for those around us, reminding those around us that commitment to the ideals of this institution of freedom are just as powerful today as they were 241 years ago.



Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2d Intel Battalion Ball Invocation

I have checked with SSgt and she said this is good enough for Intel Bn.


Let us pray.

Source of knowledge,

We all joined this Marine Corps for different reasons,
but we all answered Your call to be the driving force for peace on earth.

We use our minds and intellect to project and analyze;
Deterring our enemies;
Directing our forces to victory.  

Our weapons are our sight and knowledge,
dedication and continued evolutions of learning.

We are a non-stopping, security-protecting, constantly - surveying, troop movement-analyzing, in every corner of the earth, counter-intel to your intel, battalion.

We are the select few to be allowed to be called - 2d Intel, battalion.

Lord, whether we are at home or deployed, You have watched over us for the last 241 years.

As we come together to celebrate the birth of Your Marine Corps,
Watch over Your selected few,
as we strive to bring Your prophecy to fruition with vigor and unwavering determination.

Because You have taught us, “There is no peace, for the wicked.” (Isaiah 48:22).

Keep us safe, God, as we carry out this sacred duty.



Saturday, October 29, 2016

Golf Tournament Invocation

Of course I give invocations at chili cook-offs, golf tournaments...

Almighty God,

We spend our days fighting to protect this nation from our enemies.

Today, we will putt and drive our way across the battlefield of green!  

Lord, bless our game with humor and birdies, friendship and eagles!

And may the best player win!


Pizza In The Hut

I could not resist doing a “pizza in the hut” event during Sukkot.

Of course, we ate pizza and played board games. 

Rosh HaShannah gifts

Though Camp Lejeune is not as remote as other stations, it is a little “out of the way.”

So when a Bar Mitzvah boy at the Schechter Day School in Rockland County wanted to send care packages to Jewish service members for Rosh HaShannah (Jewish New Years, happy 5777), I jumped at the chance to participate.

My Marines were so appreciative. Sometimes, even though we are not half way around the world, it feels as if we are. This little touch of home made such a difference. 

Jewish Wings

While in the Jewish Fellowship hall across from the Levy Chapel, a midshipman pointed out to me a set of Jewish wings. 

If given the chance to go to Jump School, I wonder if I can get that insignia authorized, rather than wear the regular wings….

Mentor's Retirement

A mentor of mine retired after 30 years as a Jewish chaplain for the Navy. 

I was privileged to be present for it as it was held at the Uriah P. Levy Chapel at the Naval Academy.

I hope I can be half the chaplain he was.

Semper Fidelis, Sir.