Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Birthday, Marine!

What do you do when your Marine is far from family and their birthday?

You embarrass them by singing to them, making them wear a birthday hat and you buy them a cookie cake.

And how many Marines does it take to cut a giant cookie? According to my Supply Marines, 3.

Family History

My grandfather was drafted in WWII and fought in the Philippines. He was supposed to be a part of the Tokyo invasion but the war ended before that could happen.

I cannot translate any of the Kanji.

All I can assume is that my grandfather used those trunks before letting my father use them when he went to summer camp.

I am still in search of the pendants he received from every base where he was ever stationed.

Officer Bonding

We had a hail and farewell for our officers at a paintball facility.

I had a good time.

My XO got up close and personal during the last round.

Thanks, Sir!

It's about the size of my hand.
That's what a three inch distance between body part and muzzle looks like.

Totally going back!

Chaplain's Morale Booster

How does a chaplain boost morale in the command?

Two words.

Burger Burn.

Translation: free BBQ for the command.

1stSgts serving chow

And a game of corn holes

1stSgts running the grill.


While biking to a new park in Jacksonville, I took the time to appreciate nature.

Pick me up after a long day

Some days are long. Very long. And getting a sign from the most holy artist (God) just makes you (in this case, me) feel good.

Good Morning

One morning, as I was driving to work, I saw this double rainbow.

By the time I parked my car to take the pictures, I could not get a good shot.

But the end of the rainbow ended behind the battalion headquarters building.

Is that a secret message?